When it comes to networking and continued education, there are a lot of professional organizations for marketers in the Phoenix area to join (*cough* AZ Ad Guild *cough*). But have you ever noticed that after a while, all of the same people are showing up to those industry events? Widen your network by checking out one of these great meetup groups for marketers and communications pros in the Phoenix area. 

Local Business Marketing Meetup

Learn how to optimize your marketing efforts — or take advantage of the networking opportunity with business leaders across the Valley. 



This group of marketing pros and business owners comes together once a month to debate the topics discussed on ILOVEMARKETING.com

Phoenix User Experience (PHXUX)

The well-attended events by this group feature modern topics about user experience design and research. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, they offer valuable events for you.

Rise and Shine Toastmaster

Whether you’re presenting in a client meeting, giving a pitch in a new business situation or preparing for a speaking opportunity, everyone can their improve their public-speaking skills. Meetup participants will often be assigned an impromptu talk or to conduct a meeting, thus helping them develop skills like grammar, timekeeping and leadership. 

Arizona Young Professional’s Social Group

While not technically related to marketing, this group affords pros in their 20s and 30s the opportunity to network with pros from a variety of fields across the Valley. And it gives you a chance to take a break from the day job with a little fun, which is worth its weight in gold!

Arizona Advertising Guild

OK, so we have a confession – we’re not actually a meetup group. But we do provide our members unparalleled advantages as we work to promote your industry and services to major markets across the country. Click to see the marketing agencies and vendors who are working with us to raise the tide of marketing in Arizona. Learn more about our mission and how you can get involved: https://azadguild.com/about/