When it comes to finding a job that’s a good fit, there are a lot of factors that go into it. These might include the job itself, the dynamics of the people on your team and, of course, the company culture. Here are some of company cultures that our members are known for in the Phoenix marketing scene in the Arizona advertising world. 

An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

At BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency, the emphasize on creativity starts the moment you step in the door. Each employee gets to sit down with a member of the design team to create their own employee portrait, affectionately known as “YAMily wall photos.” This tradition gives everyone the chance to show off their unique personality. And the sky is the limit with these portraits, as they recently discovered during an aerial photo shoot for one of their new employees.

Did Someone Say Beer?

One thing the ANDERSON team can all agree on is their love for craft beer. That’s why every year, they team up with their favorite neighborhood brewery, OHSO Arcadia, to create their very own batch of beer. This year, the team spent an afternoon brewing OHSO’s newest Blood Orange wheat beer, “TELL EVERYONE.” (Fitting for an advertising agency, right?) 

Throwing Back to Childhood

“When you join Ideas Collide, as a reminder to keep fun and creativity at the forefront, we say, ‘pick your favorite childhood toy,’ and then we will go and find that. Sometimes they’re harder to find than others, but we go find it and buy it for them and we display it here in the office. It’s kind of one of those constant reminders when you come into work that there is fun here. Creativity is a big, important part of what we do. A childhood toy is the best reminder of that.“ Mike Mason, co-owner at Ideas Collide

Keeping It Classy

At Six Degrees Brand Building, they combine their love of branding with their love of wine, both in their monthly wine and cheese office-wide happy hours, and in their Six Degrees-branded wine! They had this red blend custom made for the perfect combination of work and play.

Company Culture on Parade

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