Retaining top talent has become an industry-wide issue in the marketing field. From a bird’s-
eye view, part of this is due to extremely low unemployment rates, especially here in Arizona.
And in the industry itself, we are seeing a pervasive trend of skilled workers ditching their 9-5
jobs for freelance work.
So, what can be done to keep your top talent? While many companies look to culture to solve
the issue — investing high sums into things like employee outings and company swag — the key
may actually lie in professional development. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce
Learning Report, 93 percent of employees stated they would stay at a company longer if it
invested in their careers.
Here are just a few of the professional growth opportunities that our Guild members take
advantage of here in Arizona.
When it comes to professional development, we love that Phoenix is one of the cities chosen
for the annual Digital Summit Series. It’s two days full of tips, tricks and trends for marketing in

our increasingly digital world. Every year, Six Degrees Agency sends Web Designer Patrick to
ensure the agency stays up to date for its clients.

When it comes to favorite outlets for personal growth, the ANDERSON Advertising & Public
Relations team recommends Phoenix Design Week. It’s an awesome series of meetups,
workshops, talks and social gatherings held by the local design community.

While all of our members live, breath and eat marketing, sometimes it’s good to branch out of
industry-specific learning to take worthwhile classes in the community. As part of its
professional growth and development, Phoenix agency Fingerpaint Marketing recently took the
afternoon to attend a Phoenix Public Works seminar. The staffers learned some helpful tips on
how to become a more environmentally friendly office and work towards a greener future.

Web Dev
Thanks to the large dev community here in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State hosts quite a few
industry events, including IoT DevFest, WordCamp and Desert Code Camp. Not only do
members of the BIG YAM Web Dev team often attend these events, but more often than not,
they are helping put on these fantastic learning experiences.

Photo Credit: WordCamp Phoenix

Lunch and learns. Industry conferences. Growth plans. There are so many great ways to
encourage and accelerate professional growth within a marketing agency. Get started on your
professional growth by checking out the Arizona Ad Guild marketing job board for your next